Surrendering to God's Way

November 16, 2020


“Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Luke 22:42 NLT


If we want to see God’s work done in our lives, we must submit to God’s way. Even Jesus, the Son of God, struggled with surrendering to the way of God. God’s way was to redeem mankind through the cross. The cross meant suffering and death. The humanity of Jesus resisted the idea of suffering and death. Yet, Jesus surrendered to the way of the cross to fulfill the work of His Heavenly Father.

We face that same battle. Our human intellect often thinks we can find a short-cut to the way of God and avoid pain and suffering. But we must always do God’s work God’s way if we want to win the battle.

Our flesh will always prefer a short-cut—something that is easier and costs us less suffering and pain. Don’t settle for a human plan to accomplish a divine initiative.


Holy Spirit, help me not only to see the work God wants to do in me and through me but also the way He wants to do it. Help me be willing to surrender to God’s way. Help me to keep the cross of Jesus as my example.

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