September 6, 2021

Don’t Stop Telling About Jesus


“We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.”

Acts of the Apostles 4:20 NLT



Peter and John were on trial in front of the religious leaders because of the commotion caused when a man born lame was healed. They were told not to continue to talk about Jesus being raised from the dead. This was their response, “We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.”

This is being a witness—talking about what you have personally experienced with Jesus. What has Jesus done in your life? What difference has Jesus made in you, your family, or your friends?

If you won a big game, got a special promotion, or had something great occur in your life it would not be a chore to tell others. You would probably find a way to work that victory into almost every conversation. So, why it is so hard sometimes to talk about Jesus?

Perhaps, it is because we have forgotten what Jesus has done in our lives. We get comfortable and forget what life was like before Jesus came into the picture.

We need to pause and remember where we would be without the grace of God in our lives. Once we remember it should be easy to open our mouths and let others know the life-changing power of Jesus.



Holy Spirit, please remind me of the grace God has given me. Help me to share stories of Your grace and mercy with others.

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