September 4, 2021

The Freedom of Grace


The old way, with laws etched in stone, led to death, though it began with such glory that the people of Israel could not bear to look at Moses’ face. For his face shone with the glory of God, even though the brightness was already fading away. Shouldn’t we expect far greater glory under the new way, now that the Holy Spirit is giving life? If the old way, which brings condemnation, was glorious, how much more glorious is the new way, which makes us right with God! In fact, that first glory was not glorious at all compared with the overwhelming glory of the new way. So if the old way, which has been replaced, was glorious, how much more glorious is the new, which remains forever!

2 Corinthians 3:7-11 NLT



Paul was writing to compare the old law with the new grace that Jesus came to bring. Jesus did not do away with the law but fulfilled the law, and through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit empowers us to live above the law. We do not live lawless, but the grace of God and the Spirit of God empowers us to fulfill the law in our attitudes and behavior. This grace is true freedom—freedom to live without bondage.

Society does not know freedom. So many people are caught up in the pace of the rat race, tangled in addiction, and worn down by the need to keep up appearances. They need the freedom that comes from God’s grace expressed in Jesus.

When we have experienced God’s grace, people will be drawn to the way we live, intrigued by the way we speak, and surprised by the difference in us. Our ability to have hope in tough times. Our ability to handle stress without swearing. Our continued generosity. Our ability to put our phone down and engage in life. Our desire to care when no one else does. All these actions shout that we are different; we have been transformed by something—or Someone.

We need to let people know the difference in our lives is not that we go to church or a small group. The difference is that we have been transformed by the person of Jesus. We have encountered the glory of God in the person of Jesus.



Holy Spirit, help my life to be different—different because I have a daily encounter with God’s grace expressed in the person of Jesus.

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