Practicing Sabbath

November 13, 2020


and keep my Sabbath days holy, for they are a sign to remind you that I am the Lord your God.

Ezekiel 20:20 NLT



When God created the universe, as explained in Genesis, chapter one, He chose to rest on the seventh day. Then, God gave Moses a commandment that the children of Israel were to observe the seventh day of rest every week.

This was not an accident. God created mankind to function at the height of our abilities when we practice a Sabbath day of rest. I do not believe the day is as important as the principle.

Some people practice Sabbath on Saturday, some on Friday, and some on Sunday. As a pastor, Sunday is not my Sabbath—I work pretty hard on Sunday. So, I try to take Saturday or Friday of each week as a day for renewal and escape from life’s regular activities.

I believe that part of our Sabbath should always include extra time with God. That is why we offer corporate worship on Sunday. These opportunities allow people to disconnect from their work and everyday life and connect with God and other believers.

I believe if we can learn to practice Sabbath truly, it will transform our lives. It can rewire our systems to a proper energy flow.



Holy Spirit, please help me to practice a Sabbath day of rest every week. Help me to reconnect with You and others.

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