May 31, 2021



Some time later, God tested Abraham’s faith. “Abraham!” God called. “Yes,” he replied. “Here I am.”

Genesis 22:1 NLT


Let’s talk about the phrase, “God tested Abraham’s faith.”

The picture of the Bible is that God doesn’t tempt man (James 1:14). Yet, when we think of a test, we think of God tempting us to mess up. That is not the context of God testing Abraham.

This test is like a test you take at school. The math test is not to make you fail. The math test is to prove what you know and don’t know. It is a tool to assess your progress and point out areas that you may need to improve. No teacher is thrilled when a student fails the test. A good teacher works hard, so their students always pass the test.

God loves us. He wants us to succeed in life. But God knows that sometimes we live with a lack of self-awareness. We think we are doing good when we really are being lazy. So, God allows things to come into our lives to prompt us to obedience and action. The tests of life reveal what is in our hearts. There is often a difference between what we say, how we act on the outside, and what really is on the inside. Tests reveal what is on the inside.

Abraham was ready for this test. He had learned a lot about trusting God. He was ready to step out in obedience.

When difficulty comes into our lives, let’s not whine and complain. This difficulty is an opportunity to prove what is on the inside of us. Do we really believe God? Do we believe God loves us and has put within us everything we need to pass this test?


Holy Spirit, please work in me today everything I am going to need for tomorrow’s test. Help me to live out my faith regardless of the test that may come against me.

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