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July 6, 2022

Observations on Miracles


Late in the afternoon his disciples came to him and said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late. Send the crowds away so they can go to the nearby farms and villages and buy something to eat.” But Jesus said, “You feed them.” “With what?” they asked. “We’d have to work for months to earn enough money to buy food for all these people!” “How much bread do you have?” he asked. “Go and find out.” They came back and reported, “We have five loaves of bread and two fish.”

Mark 6:35-38 NLT



This is the beginning of the miracle of what we often refer to as the feeding of the five thousand (even though the count was probably more like fifteen or twenty thousand because they only counted the men). I want to point out a couple of observations.

First, the miracle began with a problem. Every miracle begins with a problem. They had thousands of hungry people, limited food, and no money to purchase more food.

Think for a moment about a problem in your life. (Most of us don’t have to think very long.) Now, here is the good news, because you have a problem, you are a candidate for a miracle. That’s right—your problem is your doorway to a miracle. Every miracle begins with a problem.

Second, I noticed that the provision the disciples did have was inadequate to perform the miracle. When what we need is more than what we have, we are a candidate for a miracle.

Whether it is a financial need, a relational need, a physical need, an emotional need, or a mental need when our resources are not adequate to provide the miracle, we are a good candidate for a miracle. But we have to be willing to give God all that we have. When we give Him our limited resources, He takes them and multiplies them to meet the need.



Holy Spirit, help me to see the miracle in my life that You want to perform. Help me today to give everything to You so that I can see Your miracle in my life.

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