Faith and Golf

October 23, 2020


Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1 NLT



Let’s talk for a moment about faith and fear. I have often thought—and said—that faith is the opposite of fear. But now I am rethinking that premise. Perhaps faith is actually redirecting my thinking from the negative possibility to a positive possibility.

If faith is “the reality of what we hope for,” I need to be sure that I hope for a positive outcome for my life.

I believe the source of our hope must come from the Word of God. Taking time to memorize the Word of God increases our hope and displaces our fear.

Many people seem to live with a constant dread of tomorrow. They have lost hope. Worry, anxiety, fear, doubt, and depression will steal our hope and get us focused on the possible negative results.

I think of this in terms of golf. I enjoy an occasional round of golf. I have never yet hit a good shot that I didn’t visualize before I hit it. To be honest, I have envisioned some shots and then did not hit it the way I thought. But I have never hit a great shot that I didn’t see in advance.

Here is my application; life is just like golf. You must visualize the good before it can happen. That is faith. That comes from spending time in God’s Word. When we read the Word of God, we get a picture of what life could be like with God in control. The more we know God’s Word, the clearer the picture. The clearer the picture, the easier it for that picture to become a reality.

What picture do you have for your life? Your family? Your finances? Your physical body?



Holy Spirit, I need Your help to have God’s picture of my life. I ask You to help me be faithful to reading God’s Word so that my mind can be renewed and get a clear vision of God’s preferred future for me.

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